Increase productivity and accountability when your reports, SOPs and company policies are in your company app.


  • Sales & Production
  • Increased Activities
    & Production
  • Self-Managing

Could your business grow if…

  • you had fewer operational headaches?
  • your team was more self-managing?
  • you had a better sense of your team’s dailyproduction?
  • you had fewer calls from techs with questions onprocedures?
  • your team consisted of more A+ players?
  • your service managers had the capacity to easilymanage more techs?
  • you could manage your business from anywhere? 

You Can Blow Industry
Benchmarks Out Of The Water

We believe that knowledge is power. The Company Management App empowers your team to be more self-managing and productive.

And by putting that power in your team’s hands – literally – you will see an increase in accountability and productivity.

Company APP

Reduce The Chaos With Your Company Management App

Your company management app will:

  • Give each team member an up-to-date look at their productivity and KPIs
  • Provide a management dashboard for all KPIs and team member productivity
  • Reduce managerial overhead and time spent pulling reports
  • Save you time answering questions that are in your SOPs and Policies and Procedures
  • Decrease paper forms and requests – injury/accident, graphs, WDOs, waivers, time off, vehicle inspection and more
  • Inspire and engage your A+ players
  • Give you the ability to manage your operations from anywhere

Company Management In One Easy Place

Step 1 Schedule your app demo to see the company management app in action
Step 2 Have our team upload your team members, productivity metrics & forms in your company app
Step 3 Have less chaos and fewer operational headaches so you can focus on growing your business

You Want To Know What To Measure & Manage
So That Your Business Grows

We Get It

Knowledge is Power

We believe it’s just plain wrong that you work a lot of hours and aren’t making the progress you want.

In our over 50 years as a pest control operator, we’ve learned that growth opportunities are more abundant when you aren’t worried about operational headaches.

That’s why we have designed Pest Control Business Tools -that we use to manage our own successful pest control company.